Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Iran and the U.S.

There is an article out in an Kuwait City newspaper saying that the "U.S. is planning to attack Iran's Nuclear reactors and other nuclear facilities by the end of this month".

The sourses cited were anonymous and it was stated that the planning has already begun. Although I think that President Bush would love to bomb Iran I do not think he will go near it. It would be political suicide for the Republican party and would seem a place situation that the President would steer clear of.

On the Economic front numbers out of Europe were on the stronger side leading the Euro higher and Interest rates to edge higher. This follows my thinking that the Euro should strengthen against the dollar. Even if rates do not go up (as I believe is the case) U.S. rates should outpace the rest of the world lower. Otherwise I see no reason to change my positive carry views. We should not see any real movement till the middle of next week as a large number of dealers seem to be off. Even with U.S. Employment number out on friday I see little movement unless the number is drastically off from what was expected.

Good Luck and Good Forex trading....

Met's win another 2-0....I am thinking an undefeated season......What do you think??



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