Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Emerging Markets continue calm....

The Emerging Market currencies are once again trading with a general swagger. With North Korea making nice (so far at least) since agreeing to a energy for arms agreement. In the absense of any "wild" news I see no reason to "buck" the trend. As they say If you buck the trend you get it in the end. Who wants that?!?! Not Me!

The big dollar is a approaching interesting territory. It has been weakening of late and it looks to me like it can move to 1.3250 (current level 1.3080) over the next few days. There are a few economic numbers out starting today (see below) but with bad weather on the east coast and a U.S. holiday on Monday, I do not see alot of new direction coming out of the market.

Retail Sales Expected +.3
Plus Bernanke report on Economy & Fed Policy.

These are a few Random Fx Thoughts for today.

Good Luck and Good Forex Trading.




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