Monday, February 05, 2007


GPS....Global Positioning System. What a concept. Now I am sure you are laughing thinking that this "concept" has been around for a long time and that millions and millions of people use it everyday. Well not thin Banker. Sure I have heard of it, but purchase it never. Well that all changed after my experiences the last two days. Yesterday I flew into Pittsburgh on some personnel business. Upon my arrival I rented a car. The man at the counter saw me fumbling with some maps and asked if I needed some directions. He then proceeded to draw out my route on the maps which I had. As an after thought he asked me if I wanted a GPS system in my car. I asked if he thought it was necessary (stupid question huh?). He said "You will never get lost and it is a really cool piece of equipment". I said sure I would try it. After picking up the car I punched in the address of the hotel and let the GPS system take over. Although at one point I was slightly concerned that I might be off course, the system safely directed me to my destination in a quick and efficient manner. Today, more of the same, two appointments and quick, effective directions back to New York. To say I was pleased with the GPS system is an understatement. I will be looking at purchasing a model in the very near future. For those who have never tried it, I would suggest taking a look at a system.

Hey by the way not a bad prediction yesterday huh ?!?!

These are the Ramblings for today.

Good Luck and Good FX Trading




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