Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

Well the hype finally ends today. After two weeks of buildup we finally get to see the game, the LONG game. Please remember that I am a big Football fan. I say long in the sense that the NFL lengthens the game to enhance revenues and promote the game. A longer (6hours, after a two week buildup , what more is there to say!?) pregame, a different warm up schedule, two weeks between games, a longer half time and longer and more frequent commercials. How do you expect teams to play up to their potential when you change their game day routines so drastically. I have often looked at trading from an athletes prospective. I like certain routines. I get totally messed up if my computer does not work correctly or if a new system is put into play, which requires me to execute my trades (or look at risk, P/L etc) in a different way. I understand that change is good. I really do, but to get used to change takes more then a day. traders need an adjustment time, in which they probably trade a little less. Athletes need time too, but in the case of the Super Bowl, do not really get it. So sit down and enjoy the game and vote for your favorite commercial.


Colts 31 Bears 19

I think the Colts are from the better divsion and therefore take it. I may be wrong...but I have a 50/50 chance of being correct !

These are the Ramblings of an FX Trader......

Good Luck and Good Forex Trading




Blogger Forex Blogger said...

Your prediction was pretty close. I live in Spain and here we get Super Bowl but not on the channels I have on cable, so canĀ“t watch it. Anyway it's on so late it's not really a good idea if working / trading the next day.

It is repeated tonight though, but it looses it's interest on replay.

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