Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bernanke, Education and my kitchen sink.

Fed Chairman Bernanke came out yesterday and stressed that education and not imposing barriers to trade and technology, would help fix the income gap. Creating barriers would "do far more harm than good".

This is a concept which makes sense to me. By saying education, I do not think it means just a formal education. As I wrote about yesterday I was away on a personel trip earlier in the week, upon my return the pipes in my kitchen were frozen solid. Now this has happened many times in the past and in all cases a little space heater placed in a crawl space saved the day. That is until yesterDAY. I was able to get the water moving just not in a traditional sense. Broken pipes sure let out alot of water and not in very good places. I was able to turn off the main water line and had a plumber stop by last night.

Bottom line.....Today I have

1. An electrician installing a space heater in my crawl space.


2. A plumber will then comeand fix the pipes.

I can hear the cash registar ringing as I write this post. There is really nothing I can do. It needs to be fixed and I need to do something so that it will not happen again. It is not a situation where you can ask for estimates or "haggle" on a price. Really I am stuck between the rock and a wet space. So when Mr Bernanke talks about education I think that trade skills come into play as much as a "formal" education. I am sure that I will be writing checks today to the electrician and plumber in excess of my daily pay.

These are the Ramblings of an FX Trader.

Good Luck and Good Forex Trading


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