Friday, May 02, 2008

Recession....what.... Recession ????

Today the latest employment numbers were released. The numbers were much better then previously expected. The U.S. economy lost 20,000 jobs last month against an expected number of 75,000. Sure we may still be in a recession like Ellen Zentner states (and I agree), but then how come I am finding it so hard to find architects, contractors and workers to do some small projects around the house ?

I have been trying to fix a small water problem in my basement for the past year. First I hired a contractor (ok maybe not the best contractor...but he was cheap) who dug up my front yard and sealed my foundation. Unfortunately the problem was not fixed. Rather it just lessened the water that I had in my basement. Then I brought in a landscaper.This was not an easy task as of the 6 landscaper's that I called, only three showed up an only one provided me with an estimate. Since I was going to be ripping out all of my landscaping in the front of the house I decided that the tiny little steps leading up to my front door would no longer do. I need a grand entrance to suit my humble abode. Therefore I would need a permit for the work. Off to Town Hall I went to obtain the permit. Well guess what, to obtain the permit an architect's drawing was needed to accompany the application. Step two (or is this three?) find an architect that would do this relatively small job. I called one, very nice man, but the job was to small and he provided me with three other names. I called all three only one called back. He at first said he was to busy to do it, but after begging and pleading he agreed to come by and take a look. Nice man, very helpful. It turns out that not only do I need this work done on the front of my house but I also need:

1.To trim a large (very large) tree in my backyard so that the sun can get through and eliminate moisture.
2.Hire a contractor to redue all the stucco on my house. As the architect put it "There is alot of repair work which needs to be done"
3. Get a roofer to come in prior to this and ensure all flashing is done all around the roof (he did not see any)
4. Paint the house.
5. New driveway

I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning. So now I am trying to find an architect,landscaper and siding contractor (as my new architect friend said "This is a big job and will not be cheap"),painter, blah blah blah blah blah.......It has taken me a year to get this far (and I am no where) ugh, very fustrating.

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