Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hillary wins Pennsylvania

Hillary won Pennsylvania yesterday as expected by 10% of the vote. This will keep Ms Clinton in the race a little longer. Even with this win it seems a real uphill battle for the former First Lady. Money is scarce and with the way the Democrat's break up the Delegates, even when losing you get some. With Ms Clinton's prior win in Ohio (decisive) she only gained 10 Delegates and in Pennsylvania she will probably get a similar number. Obama should easily gain those back with a substantial win in North Carolina. What does all this mean....well it means that the Democrat's will have to wait to focus their energies on McCain.

It looks like it will come down to the convention and that is not going to be a good thing UNLESS some "back door politics" gets the candidates to come to some sort of an agreement. From my perspective Obama is a formidable foe for the Republicans. Basically from his "grass root's" campaign. He raises lot's of money, a little bit at a time. This may be simple thinking but if you get $2,300 (the maximum allowed donation) from one donor or $23 from 100 donor's, which would you prefer? It would seem to me that the $23 donor would give you 100 votes against 1 for the $2,300. This is why I think Obama is difficult to beat. He brings people out to vote and come November that could translate into a victory.

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