Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bill O'Reilly......and Hillary Clinton

I just finished watching the clips of Bill O'Reilly interviewing Hillary Clinton on his show last night. First I thought he treated her very fairly. He asked tough questions but moved on and didn't linger when it was apparent that he would not get the answer's he was looking for. Hillary for her part seemed extremely composed, confident and comfortable. I felt that it was a good move on her part to agree to come on the show. She will reach quite a few voter's, still undeicded, and just appearing on the show got her tremendous visability. A lot of people, even decieded voters, tuned in last night (and will tonight) to see the dynamic of the two participants. This is better then a debate for Hillary. It also shows that Hillary is aware that she is not in a good situation in terms of the nomination and that she and her staff feel that the time is ripe to take Obama down (Reverad Wright!!). But is it to late? Time will tell for that.

Here is the LINK from AOL. The You Tube links are attached there.

Well worth the look and listen.


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