Monday, March 31, 2008

Another Season begin's

Today marked the beginning of the baseball seasom for me. The Met's with new Ace lefthander Johan Santana took the mound. They won as expected and Johan looked great. Ever year I feel the same way when the season begin's, that is there is always a chance for success. I feel that way when trading also. Everyday when you arrive at your desk is another chance to succeed. No matter how bad yesterday was, today you can create an opportunity to turn things around.

I preach this to my son's all the time. Bad grade, strike out when at bat (as long as it is not looking !!) poor shot in your tennis match, it is all ok as long as you gave it your best and learn from it and not make the same mistake again.

The Met's started again today and with any luck they will erase Sept 07 from their mind and move on to win the NL East in 2008.

As for the market's look for Usd/Brl to move higher. I have seen alot of dollar buying in this currency pair and it has been increasingly more difficult to cover. I expect a rate rise at their next meeting and this coupled with new regulations should increase dollar buying.

Good Luck and Good Forex Trading.



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