Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl.

The Super bowl is and this year includes the team that I support and that is the New York Giants. They come in big under dogs as they have for the last few weeks. This time around I hope they perform like they did in 1990 (win over Buffalo) rather then 2000 (blown out ag Baltimore). Time will tell. My prediction is for a 35-17 G-Man win. OK I am talking with my heart and not my head, but when you are a Fan it is hard to predict against them.

As for a recession, I see on TV this morning that scalping tickets in Arizona is legal. People were paying huge premiums to enter the event. Sure the vast majority of the people are corporates, who write off the expense, but it still amazes me where people get the money to spend on this type of stuff.

Good luck and Good Forex Trading.



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