Sunday, March 11, 2007

So Let's talk market's.....

So the employment numbers looked pretty good to me on Friday. As I previously posted I felt that a neutral to strong number would allow the markets to recover abit. I think this is exactly what happened. Maybe Employment number's are taking on slightly less importance. I am not really sure, but I would think that any confidence number's or forward looking numbers will be a little on the weaker side. Confidence because with stock markets (and housing markets)coming off, looking at your 401k's becomes a little harder. I always try to think about myself, how do I feel. Right now slightly less confident then three weeks ago for sure.

Saying all this I still think the Fed is on hold for now and that the next move in rates will be lower. My positions are now as follows.

Short dollars against

Long dollars against
Singapore (not pleased with this one and I need to rethink)

Short rates in

I still think Globally rates are on a conversion path. Time will tell if I am right but I am trading rates with this thought in mind. I am interested in what people are thinking about the dollar, specifically against the Euro. The people I speak to in the market are giving me totally different outcomes and I am trying to formulate a plan. So please pass along your ideas and thoughts to me.




Good luck and Good Forex trading.

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