Monday, March 05, 2007

Stocks suffer overnight....But Barrons betting on a rebound

The Asian stock markets suffered overnight as the Nikkei lost 575.69 (3.34%) Hang Seng lost 777.13 (-4%) and just about every other stock exchange in the region was off. The Nikkei only had one stock up on the day. These markets are definitly nervous and any opportunity to to sell will be taken advantage of. The front cover of Barronsis running quite an encouraging story for the markets. There is plenty out there for each investor to make his own determination. I for one need to see more data before I make a decision. But I tend to be more of an optomist (at least when it comes to markets) so for now i will be looking for a rebound in the coming weeks.

Good Luck and Good Forex trading.




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