Monday, January 08, 2007

Strong Growth for Latin America in 2007.....

According to Argentina's Central Bank Governor, Latin America is headed for another year of strong growth in 2007. He believes that the big three economies,Brazil, Argentina and Mexico "are poised for continous growth", according to Reuters. If this happens it will be a similar theme to 2006 stronger currencies and lower rates. This because these economies are coming off very high interest rate environment's. Inflation is contained and tremendous flows going into the country. As I said on Friday I am again short Usd/Brl,Usd/Mxn and Usd/Ars, so this story comes at a good time (or is it just giving me false hope?!?!). I am not getting aggresive with my postion's but will instead try to keep a small core position which will enable me to be nimble if need be. Forex can be a fustrating market at times.



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