Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Week begins

Well here goes another week. I see no reason to expect anything different from what has occurred the last few. Stocks should remain unstable and currencies erratic with thin liquidity. I plan on trading this week as I have the past few, with a short term time frame and a small tolerance for losses. Here are a few thoughts before the open.

I look for the Euro to do better during the course of the week. For no other reason then it has been beaten up a bit lately. This is going against the trend so I will not be taking a large position and I will not run it long if it starts to go my way.

Latam America. I expect further weakening in this region as the week progresses. I think that Argentina has the biggest amount of upside in the region as it has not weakened of late as the Central Bank has kept it under control (with the interest rates taking the hit). Over the last two trading sessions the spot market has weakened by five big figures, telling me there could be more to come this week.

Overall get ready as I think this wild ride is not close to being over.

Good Luck and Good Currency Trading.

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