Friday, September 28, 2007

The Biltmore Who's Who....

So today I came home and found a letter from the Biltmore Who's Who informing me that "You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent the professional and buisness community" and then went on to say "We are please to notify you that your candidacy was formally approved". At first I was quite impressed with myself. Being a trader there is one thing I have and that is an ample ego and this, being a member of a Who's Who list would put the icing on the cake. But my dreams of stardom were dashed when I did a little research and realized that the Biltmore list was not all it was cracked up to be. There was this Post on a website from a home maker who was also chosen to be a member and this "answer" to a question posted on the Web about the group. Neither one paints a very pretty picture of the group.

So for now it is back to my daily grind of getting up at 5.00am to "battle" the markets. No Fame, no Fortune, but a pretty good challenge and alot of fun (almost) everyday. To tell you the truth it is the only way I want least until I hit Lotto!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


So where did we end up at the end of September? ABCP still shrinking though at a slower rate with spreads down a bit, and KKR LBO debt being moved at a loss...doesn't sound Bankerdome grade but any lookforward sense of the world appreciated - consider cross posting at CR - others likely keen to hear as well.


9:53 PM  
Blogger Banker said...

Sept was actually a pretty good mnth for me. "Yield Monkey's" ruled once again and if I can find positive carry with a trend I usually do ok. The weak dollar against the majors cost me a few dollars as I am still short GBP (BAD IDEA). I will reasses this trade early next weak.


8:30 AM  

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