Saturday, September 22, 2007

A few Day's at the Cape.....and some advice from my Son.

I spent the first few days of this week up in Cape Cod. A little down time from the office. The area (my first time there) was very enjoyable. I relaxed, rode a bike, sat by the ocean and enjoyed some good food. All in all a very good break. Upon my return to work I saw the results of the Fed action. Stocks well up, the dollar well off and Interest Rate futures making new highs. Having missed the initial move I basically spent the rest of the week gaining some perspective. I didn't trade much or in any real size. To be honest I wasn't really trying.

So the week ends and I am sitting at dinner last night with my kid's when the subject of my day comes up.

Son #2 "So Dad, how was your day today"?
Me "Fine Son, nothing special, but ok"
Son #2 "So Dad, What did you do"?
Me "Well actually not much, I kind of just sat around the office today doing very little. I wasn't really motivated to do anything today".
Son #2 "Dad, that is not good. You are always telling me about trying your best, working hard and taking advantage of every single day, yet today you did very little. That is not very good, it is like you wasted your day".

Now I didn't exactly waste my day, and I did accomplish a few things at the office but I clearly could have (and should have) done a bit more. There were opportunities while I was trading (not just yesterday but over the past few weeks) where if I would have been even slightly more proactive I would be looking at much better Profit numbers. Things are ok, but as traders you are paid to take appropriate risk and for the past few weeks I have definitely erred on the side of caution. Last night's conversation was a bit of a wake up call. If this all ended tomorrow, could I say I gave it my all and took advantage of all (or at least most) of the opportunities presented. I am not so sure I could answer yes.

OK, so on to the subject of today's "Quote of the day". While in Cape Cod I stopped in a Bar for a bite to eat and had the absolutely best beer of my life. Now this is saying alot as I have been known to have a few Ice Cold ones along my way in life. It was a pint (I rarely drink pints....I perfer a bottle) of a "Fall Beer" as it was described. Pumpkin something or other. EXCELLENT! It came with Cinnamon around the rim of the glass. Wow I can still taste it. Unfortunately I have no idea of the real name and probable will never come across it again (probably better that way as it can never live up to my initial billing) but those two pints were two of the best ever. The "quote of the day" came from the wall of the bar. As I was drinking my beer I realized that Old Ben was so right!

Good Luck and Good Forex Trading....Later



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