Friday, January 12, 2007

Long weekend ahead.....

Really nothing to say this morning. Chile cut rates 25bp yesterday, which was a surprise to the market. I have been running an unofficial basket trade of:

Long Argentina
Long Brazil
Short Chile
Short Mexico

I have no strong conviction, just kind of stuck with these positions (not a good thing I know).

Good Luck and Good Trading



Blogger John Russell said...

I think medium term the USD will be somewhat stable(if it ever is) and I still expect some more damage to occur from the housing market, that effect will probably be felt worldwide through the slowing of the US economy. I think the markets were more nervous last month than they are this month. I am sure that everyone is keeping in mind that China has a huge surplus and they still intend to sell it, that will be a factor in stability. With all that said, I never trade the USD without a hedge. Helps me sleep at night!

9:03 PM  

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