Sunday, December 14, 2008

Inside theCage

I just finished the book Inside the Cage: A Season at West 4th Street's Legendary Tournament. This book is written by Wight Martindale Jr. It is about the legendary hard court basketball tournament held at West 4th street in Manhattan every summer. I have seen many pickup games at that park, and have come across a tournament game or two also, but I never knew what went on behind the scenes to get the games played. For anyone who has ever played basketball in a school yard take that action and multiply it 10-20 times and you get an idea of what playing at West 4th street must be like. The action is non stop and the play extremely physical. Many professional players have played here. Anthony Mason, Mario Elie, Smush Parker, Fly Williams just to name a few. The dedication and self sacrafice to keep this tournament going all these years is amazing and it shows what you can accomplish if you are doing something you love. Now this tournament mant not be as well know as the Rucker Park Tournament but is it just as contested on a nightly basis. I really recommend this book for any basketball junkie, and , if you are in lower Manhattan on a Summer night stop by and watch a game (get there early as it get 5-6 deep at the fence) it is well worth your time.

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