Sunday, September 21, 2008

The rich "suffer" also

Postponed nose job's for 16 years old's, botox instead of a face lift and trying to find a discount nanny are just some of the worries facing some of the wealthiest in society. With the economy in disarray it seems everyone is putting off or cancelling all together some of the finer things in life.

Kathleen Mullen of Northrop & Johnson (a luxury boat builder) told of a New York investor who called to delay the purchase of a 25 mio dollar yacht. Ms Mullen said that he was thinking about cancelling the purchase all together (although he was still going to lose the 10% deposit) due to the economy.

At Roundabout New and Resale Couture, a consignment shop on the Upper East Side, manager Kristjansen Villanueva says a woman came into the store for the first time on Wednesday saying the "resale" sign in the window caught her eye.

Mr. Villanueva says the customer told him she's watching her spending because her husband works at Lehman Brothers and their finances were "a little bit shaky." He says she bought an Armani pinstripe suit for $499 -- when buying it at a boutique would have cost her $2,500.


I guess everything is relative....

Good Luck and Good Currency Trading.



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