Saturday, September 27, 2008

700 Billion dollar bailout plan approved...well almost

It seems I was a little premature with my post the other day. Once again politics enters the equation and the deal gets delayed. A new story on Bloomberg news is reporting that a deal is close. At any hand I would assume one gets done by Asian opening tomorrow night.

U.S. Senate leaders said they expect to hammer out a $700 billion bank-rescue package before financial markets start to open tomorrow evening, as House Republicans said they won't try to meet an ``artificial timeline.''

CLICK HERE to read the story.

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Blogger Tock said...

The hold up is truly ridiculous. I read that Nancy Pelosi doesn't think the democrats could pass it alone because some democrats may not want republicans to get credit for the bill.. Saddens meas a liberal to see politics get in the way of obvious solutions.

- Tock

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2:29 AM  
Blogger Banker said...

I totally agree with you Tock. Unfortunately politics will get in the way everytime. At the Debate Friday, neither candidate would answer the simple question of, "would you support the bill".

I will check out your site. Good Luck

7:40 AM  

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