Sunday, August 03, 2008

Latest Read.

I just finished the book Lone Survivor, The eyewitness account of operation Redwing and the lost heros of Seal Team 10. This book was the true story of Marcus Luttrell a Navy Seal who was the only survivor of his Seal Team deployed in Afghanistan in June 2005. Their mission was to capture or kill an al Qaeda leader, and the resulting story is quite compelling. Now the book was a bit "Rah Rah" for me BUT it is truely the story of some Heroic men. It does not matter if you are for the war or against it, the point is the men and women who fight the battles do so in a very Brave fashion. I am sure there are quite a few soldiers who don't agree with this war but still "show up" to work everyday, because this is their chosen profession. The book is a good read, and Marcus Luttrell and his team true heros.

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