Tuesday, June 24, 2008

American ingenuity is not dead.

With gasoline prices climbing higher and higher on a daily basis and families struggling to make ends meet with the economy struggling, it was encouraging to see this story about American ingenuity. A young entrepreneur, James Blue, has operated an auto shop in San Diego for years. One of his services is to install larger (much larger) gasoline tanks in trucks and SUV's. So far this year he has installed 12 of these tanks, which is about the same amount as he did all of last year. These tanks can hold up to 98 gallons of gas and cost about $1,700 to install. This enables people to drive into Mexico and fill up with much cheaper gasoline (about $2.50 per gallon as apposed to $5.00). The tank will pay for itself in no time.

It proves that in times of difficulty there is always a way out.

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