Saturday, November 10, 2007

Video Games.............

Video Games, in my house they are a constant. I try my best to limit the amount of time that my children play them as I feel that there is more to be done in a day then just video games. Recently my youngest son asked to be taken to a store to purchase a new game. I reluctantly took him after both my sons agreed to split the cost of the new game. The game they went to purchase was Brain Age 2 by Nintendo. Yesterday I sat down and watched as they took turns "Taking their lessons". It seems this game is a learning tool. It gives participants daily lessons (can only do one lesson a day)and scores them. There is a lesson which gives you your mental age (from 20-80 lower being better)based on how well you do on your exercises. Wow, I was pretty impressed.

You see last year my youngest son had a bit of difficulty on a standardized test. This was not the first time that it happened and therefore I became slightly concerned. I took him to one of those "learning centers" and he began a program to improve his skills. 3 months (at 800 dollars per month) later and he seemed to be doing better. He seemed more confident and his listening skills improved. Now back to Brain Age 2. You see the lessons that the learning center gave him (at 800 dollars per month)were basically Identical to the Brain Age 2 video game. Incredible huh?

Both of my son's are diligent about "completing their lesson's" and I for one do not mind them on the video game. So next time a Brother, say one who has a few houses in two states, a jet ski, and a really cool minivan. Yes, that Brother who, when things go wrong knows just the right telephone number of the local repair man to make everything well again. Yes, you know that Brother who has way to much money and not enough places to spend it, ask's what to buy your kid's suggest Brain Age 2. Not mine of course as they already have a copy. Seriously, this is a great learning tool for children (and adults?) so with the holiday's approaching this might be a good and useful gift.

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