Sunday, July 22, 2007

Beckham Mania hit's the States.

I was flipping through the TV stations last night when I came upon ESPN and saw the Chelsea vs LA Galaxy game on. I could not help but imagine the enormous pressure that Beckham must be feeling at this moment. Sure he is used to it, as he has played top level "Football" for many years but it seems to me that the MLS is pinning all it's hopes on this man. I know what you are thinking, for 250 mio dollars you would take the pressure too. But remember this man was already rich and famous and could have written his "ticket" to just about anywhere he wanted to play (for a hell of a lot of money). So why here, why now ? I think this is an interesting situation.

I know in my career there has been many times that I could have "coasted" (for lack of a better term). I was up budget, things were going well. Why rock the boat? I was due for a good bonus (ntg special), BUT, if I pushed the envelope I could have gotten ab it more. Or when I managed a group of traders, I could have listened to the direction of upper management (been basically a Yes man) or fought for what I believed in and made a few waves. To be honest, I think there is a happy medium here. I think it is the ability to manage both up and down. This is something I have learned in the last 3 years. Prior to that I was a very poor manager but now I think I am quite good (although I have no one working for me) as I have learned the skills (and still learning)of managing.

Back to Beckham. It seems that Beckham is a guy looking to branch out. His contract is not just to play Soccer but I am sure TV/Movies deals also. He is not someone who sits idly by and lets life direct him but rather he directs life. I think that is a good thing. In 2003 I was told by a previous employer that although they felt I was a good trader, they did not feel I was a good manager. Therefore they were taking away my managerial responsibilities and were going to "let you sit in the corner and trade". Well although I now agree that I was not a very good manager at the time, I could never let anyone put a cap on me so I accepted that role until I could find another opportunity. Is this what happened to Beckham? Remember earlier this year he was first relieved of his captain title on the British national team, and later taken off it all together. I am not sure but I do think that moving on, looking for new opportunities and situations, although quite scary at times, is a good thing.

Here is the story of Beckham's first LA Galaxy game from the
USA Today.

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Blogger John Russell said...

I agree with what you are saying. One of the biggest leaps we can take is to swallow the end of one opportunity and be open to the next one. I have been through several shifts in my career lifetime and the scariest part is sometimes just closing a chapter and moving on. If I had not been able to do it effectively, I wouldn't be trading today.

Sometimes you just have to take your life by the horns and turn it towards something new. When something makes an exit from your life, the next phase is already started, you just have to keep your eyes open.

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