Thursday, December 14, 2006

Recession...What Recession ??

Today I played hooky from work to get a little Holiday shopping done. I got up early and headed to the Mall and to my surprise I found the parking lot abit crowded. Well not a little actually alot. Inside I waited at every shop, counter and checkout line to be helped. I thought by going at 9.30am on a Thursday morning (I know it is Dec 14 ...But for me this is early), 11 days before Christmas I would be ok. A few people here and there but overall relativly a pleasant shopping experience, if there is such a thing.

I certainly think this is a good thing for everyone. If people are out shopping, they are spending money. They are therefore probably employed and have some disposable income. All in all a good thing. But now couple that with the extremely warm weather we are having (at least on the East coast, today was close to 60 degrees)and the large quantites of crude I have been hearing about from some friends in the oil industry and I think the economy may bounce back in the first quarter of 2007. Remember the Fed seems to be leaning that way (Retails sales up 1% yesterday) and they should have at least as good information as anyone.

Just a thought.....



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