Friday, January 06, 2006

U.S. Employment Number

Today is a key day for the rest of the month direction wise. U.S. Employment is expected to be 5.0% while the Non-Farm payrolls ae expected at 200K. Now I have no idea (and I think that economist have little idea also) as to what the number will be. What I do think is that a neutral to weak number puts the U.S. dollar under tremendous pressure ( continuation of the current direction) and U.S. interest rate futures a stronger bid. Currently Asian Currencies have been very strong and I expect no matter what the number in the weeks to come dollar Asia will be lower. Latam I am still on the fence. After a strengthening of the currencies during the first two days of the year, there has been a BIG reversal. I am still CAUTIOUSLY short dollars here but I am not convinced of this move and will keep a close stop on these positions.

Good Luck to All. These are the FX Trading Ideas for Today.



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